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Ages - At Dance Studio Elite, we start accepting dancers at 3 years old. Dancers must be 3 years old by the start of classes and must also be fully potty-trained at that time. If your dancer turns 3 after our September start date, we do add 1 preschool class in January to accommodate those dancers.


Arrival Times - To ensure there are plenty of parking space and the least amount of congestion as possible in the waiting/dressing areas we ask that you drop off your dancer no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of their class. Doors to the studio will be opened at 15 minutes before the first class begins.  


Class Observation – We have closed circuit cameras in each room that can be viewed on the TV in the waiting area.


Contact – The best way to contact us is by email with any questions/concerns at You can also leave a message for us at 701-232-4148 and when we are not in class, we will get back to you.


Costumes - Classes will rent costumes for the winter show and will have a combination of purchased and rented costumes for the spring show. Payments for these are made in installments each month.  


Dress Code - We expect that it is followed at all times. The dress code is in place to put everyone on an even level in class and to promote good body image. Girls hair must be pulled back in a ponytail or bun.


Preschool and 5&6 year old class – Pink or black leotard and black, white, pink, or

tan tights. They can wear a skirt or tu-tu but may not wear pants, shorts or shirts over

the leotard.  


Jazz, Tap, Ballet Classes (1st grade and up) – Pink or black leotard and tan or ballet

pink tights.  They can wear shorts for jazz and tap and a skirt for ballet. No T-shirts or

baggy clothing.


Competition Groups - Black leotard and pink tights on ballet days. No skirts during ballet. They can put shorts over for other classes if they wish, but no t-shirts. Black leotard and tan tights on non-ballet days. Again shorts are acceptable, but no baggy clothes.


Boys Classes – Gym shorts and t-shirts or tank tops with socks. No jeans or baggy clothing.


Hair Requirements - All classes must have their hair in a ponytail or completely out of their face. Competition ballet classes must have their hair in a bun.


Performances - We have two main performances each year - a winter show in December and a spring recital in May. All jazz groups will perform at a local sports game this winter. We are also asked to perform at local community events throughout the year.  

Depending on the event, we select several groups and I make sure to give everyone even opportunities to perform.  


Pick-Up and Drop-Off - The doors to the studio will open no more than 15 minutes

prior to the start of the 1st class and will close promptly 5 minutes after the last class.

We do not have supervision in the waiting area and must stick to this policy for the safety of our dancers.


School Vacation Days - We do not necessarily follow the school calendar as we have girls attending from many school districts. If there will be no classes during a school vacation you will receive that information in a newsletter.


Tuition - Your tuition amount remains the same each month, regardless of the number of classes that month. It balances out over the course of the year. We accept payment by automatic withdrawal on the 1st of each month or payment by cash or check every 3 months. Tuition prices are per hour taken and starts at $42/month for 1 hr per week and goes up to a maximum of $135/month for 1 dancer’s 5 - unlimited hours per week. We have a family discount that is 15% off 2nd child’s tuition, 20% off 3rd child’s tuition, 30% off each additional child’s tuition.  The discount does not apply to costume or competition fees – only towards tuition. The registration fee is $25 for one child, or $30 for a family.


Vacations/Illness - Please do let us know if your dancer will be gone or if they are sick with something contagious. We like to keep track of the girls to make sure they are okay and for safety reasons. You can let us know either through email or telephone message. There are no refunds for missed classes, you can contact us to see if there is another class your dancer can take as a makeup. We do encourage girls to attend class unless they are contagious. It is better for them to sit and watch if they are not feeling well than completely missing the class.  


Weather Cancellations - If there is questionable weather on a dance day, you can tune into following sources: tv stations, the studio answering machine, and your email. Announcements will be made by 1:00 PM. I encourage your best discretion in these times - if it is unsafe for you to travel we will understand. If a class is cancelled more than once due to weather, there will be a make-up day at a later date.


Withdrawal - We do hope that if there is a problem with your dancer’s class that you contact us right away so that we can find some option for them to try before leaving is their choice. If you need to withdraw, you must provide a one-month written notice. Costume payments and registration fees are non-refundable.

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