At Dance Studio Elite, we do combo classes.  All classes get ballet, tap, and creative movement.  They are allowed to add jazz once they reach a certain age. After that year of jazz, they are allowed to add musical theatre, hip-hop, and lyrical. No need to sign up for 5 different classes – they get them all at once! 

3-5 Year Olds

These classes of ballet, tap, and creative movement are designed to provide children with a strong foundation in dance and movement. It teaches them the basic elements of music and dance, space, and how we relate to it, as an individual and in groups, basic locomotor movements, musical rhythm, beat and time, opposites and directions and elementary dance steps. Integrated with these physical concepts are the intellectual concepts of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, teamwork, and the basic body/health awareness.


This classical form teaches poise, body awareness and alignment, muscle tone and control by combining cardiovascular, muscular endurance, flexibility and various elements of rhythmical patterning. Ballet is the basis for all forms of dance, and is therefore required. It is based around techniques necessary for all other classes, however there are more traditional, structured classes available for those students wishing to seriously study this art and eventually go onto Pointe classes.


This class is added only after the teacher deems that their ballet technique and ankles are strong enough. We look at this on an individual basis to prevent any sort of growth injury. It is essentially classical ballet done in special shoes that allow the dancer to do all of the movements on their toes. Due to its rigorous nature, we only start those that are ready and stress having a good ballet background prior to allowing entry to this class.


This high-energy, upbeat class will include a cardiovascular and muscular endurance component, as well as improving flexibility, muscle tone and control and coordination. Jazz dance incorporates a variety of dynamics through body isolations and uses various techniques for turning, jumping, and much more. Dance combinations and sequences are performed to Modern and Contemporary music.


Tap dance concentrates on rhythm and timing, and requires interpretation of music through sound, creating regulated and controlled sounds through intricate footwork. More advanced levels of tap teach syncopation and more complex rhythms and combine a variety of styles of classical tap dance.


A combination of free style, funk and street dance, with popping and locking techniques, and is performed to age-appropriate hip hop music. This form is similar to Jazz dance, using rhythm and timing, but incorporates more contractions and isolations of the upper and lower body.


This form is based on classical jazz and is highly influenced by ballet techniques. It includes slow and graceful movements, focusing on poise, control, muscular strength and flexibility. Lyrical dance interprets the lyrics of a song and expresses the feeling and emotion through dance.

Musical Theatre

This fun and energetic class incorporates drama, song and dance by developing personality and characters for each specific dance sequence performed. The technique is based on Classical Jazz and Classical Tap Dance. The emphasis of this class is on stage production, as well as presentation and performance, in order to help build self-esteem and confidence in dancers of all levels.


Weekly Class Amount/Monthly Fee. *Fees are per dancer- siblings get 5% discounted tuition

  • 30min/$45
  • 45min/$55
  • 1hr/$65
  • 1hr 15m/$75
  • 1hr 30m/$85
  • 1hr 45m/$95
  • 2hr/$110
  • 2hr 15m/$115
  • 2hr 30m/$125
  • 2hr 45m/$130
  • 3hr/$140
  • 3hr 15m/$150
  • 3hr 30m/$155
  • 4 & more/$175
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