My dancer is in 5th grade, will she be with other 5th graders?

At Dance Elite our classes are a mix of age and ability. Our ages on our website are merely suggestions as it isn’t feasible that all 5th graders or 12 year olds are at the same level. We would never have a new 5th grader with 3 year olds, but we might need them to be in a mixed age class while we get their technique up to speed. While we would like everyone to be with their friends, it isn’t always the best for their dance education. There is nothing more stressful than ‘not being able to keep up’ or ‘being bored’ in a class. We suggest new students come to summer lessons so that we can assess them and make sure they start in the right class right away.

My dancer will turn 3 in October, can they still start in the preschool class in September?

We do not accept students that have not turned 3 prior to the start of the session.

Our preschool class is geared towards being “on their own” and class being “their time”. It works best after they have turned 3. For those that do not make the age cut, we often start an additional preschool class in January, so that they can still get to class in that school year.

My dancer isn’t quite potty trained yet, can they start in September?

In addition to dance technique, we are helping the dancers to become self-sufficient.

We do not accept dancers that are not fully potty trained. If they don’t quite make the cut off, we often start an additional preschool class in January, so that they can still get to class in that school year.

When are tryouts for competition teams?

Our tryouts are in the summer and our dates will be posted on our websites. We only do auditions once per year.

What are the requirements for competition teams?

You need to have one year of jazz class prior to auditioning. Your dancer should have a good background in ballet, tap and jazz with good flexibility. If your dancer is new to our studio, depending on their audition, we will most likely have them stay on a recreational team for their first year so we can assess their dancing before we commit them to a full year of serious technique and training.

Can my dancer sign up for just Jazz?

Our classes are all combo classes. Ballet is the driving force behind all dance styles, tap teaches basic rhythmic values, and jazz teaches musicality so they are all vital to a dancer’s education. We believe in creating well-rounded dancers and do not have classes in just one genre.

Can I sign up for half of the school year?

Because of Covid, we will be offering classes starting in January for half of the year.

The school year is a long time for preschoolers – how do they stay entertained?

Our preschool and 5/6 year old classes stay busy with different themes every 2 weeks – some examples are “Beach Week” and “Tea Party Week”. All dancers learn the proper technique and names for all steps while having fun. Example – we “chainee turn” with the beach balls and learn to “curtsey” and “arabesque” at our tea party. It is fun to hear our older dancers talk about learning the basics with hula hoops and easter eggs. The preschoolers follow this curriculum and the 5/6 year olds add a level to it.

What if class isn’t for my dancer?

While we keep all our dancers busy learning and having fun and rarely have someone who doesn’t feel right in class, we understand that it happens. If that is the case – we require a 30 day written notice of your withdrawal. Costume, registration, and competition fees can understandably not be refunded as those items need to be purchased right away for timing purposes.

Can I pay by check each month?

We accept payment in 2 forms – our preferred is by auto-withdrawal on the 1st of the month. We set you up on this in the fall and it automatically stops after the school year, or when your bill is paid in full. Our other option is 3 installments by cash or check in September, December, and March. We do not currently accept credit cards or payments by check monthly.

Do I need to stay at the studio during class?

We do have cameras that allow you to view your dancers class in the waiting area, but there is no need for a parent to stay. Many use this time to run errands. Each class has a limited number of dancers, a teacher, and a class helper so we are there to help your dancer with whatever they might need.

Who do I contact with questions?

All emails and phone calls will go directly to Ms. Meleah the director for ease and clarity. Any questions you have about any class can go through her for answers.

My dancer doesn’t want to wear tights – can she go bare legged?

Tights are a part of our required dress code for several reasons – the first is that it helps keep the dancers muscles warm. Dancer health is our first priority. A cold dancer can lead to injuries and as we switch between demonstrating and doing, it’s important for them to stay warm. The 2nd reason is that we do a lot of body correcting.  If the dancers legs aren’t placed correctly we will gently guide them into proper position – this is much more comfortable for everyone involved when the dancer is in tights.

How do I know my dancer is getting the best quality instruction?

All instructors have been thoroughly vetted, are constantly receiving further training, and are monitored by the director on a regular basis. We use student helpers to assist in class and help them decide if teaching is the path for them, but we do not use students as regular teachers.

How do I know how my dancer is actually doing in class?

If something happens in class, we will often find the parent after to explain/be on the same page. Teachers regularly fill out class notes and if there are victories or things of mention, we send those out throughout the year so you can monitor progress. Of course, if at any time you have questions we are here to answer.

Do you have adult classes?

We do have special sessions throughout the year – check back to our website regularly for those add-ins.

Can my dancer do a “trial class”?

We are not set up to have “trial classes” – we encourage dancers to try summer classes to get a feel of what the school year entails.

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